Hi, welcome to our site, Five Quickies!  We’re Al and Elle, a married couple with four awesome fur babies (ranging from 20 to 120 lbs).  We’ve been together for almost 17 years (married for over 5) and we also work together, running our family business.  Life can get busy with work being 24/7, so we know how important time is. That’s why we decided to create a space to share Five Quickies, from helpful household tips to favorite picks, and everything else in between.  Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop us a note anytime!

Some extra tidbits:  Al is the man of the house, who loves his toys and electronics.  His pride and joy are his two Ford Raptors and you can usually catch him taking part in his favorite pastime, playing Boom Beach and online poker.  Elle is the lady of the house, who loves to travel and work out. You’ll catch her keeping busy with her fitness and races, and she’s also an avid reader who loves all things food.  

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